Gyratory vibrations are the basis for how the Vibro Sifter machine operates. Based on the size of the particles, the material is divided. As soon as the motor is turned on, the screen or sieve vibrates, causing the material to pass through the sieves in accordance with its particle size.

Utilizing a specifically created vibratory motor that satisfies varied output criteria, the development of vibration along the vertical axis is achieved in three different planes. It creates a 100% rotating motion, dispersion stirring, stratification, and sifting of the material. On the vibroscreen, feed material moves horizontally while following a loop pattern.


  • Compact vibratory design for high speed & dust free sieving.
  • Noiseless and maintenance free machine
  • ll contact parts and screen made of S.S.-304 (S.S.-316 optional)
  • Low power consumption compared to reciprocating vibratory system
  • Easy dismantling and cleaning of contact parts.
  • Machine available with flame proof and double / triple deck options

Technical Specification:-



Screen Dia. 752 mm.
Capacity/ Hour * 30 to 300 Kgs.
Charging height 1050 mm without Lid
Discharging height 670 mm.
Main Electric Motor 0.5 HP/1440 RPM/ 3 Ph


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