Ink - Jet Table Blister Pack Machine


V.M.Services began operations in 1997 as one of the illustrious manufacturers & suppliers of an endless collection of Blister Pack Machine, Blister Pack Machine Change Parts Set, Ink Jet Table Machine, De-Blister Machine, ALU Type Blister Pack Machine, Capsule Hand Filling Machine, Capsule Loader Machine, Vibro Shifter, and Multi Mill that can be ordered in various specifications to meet the various customer needs.

We are supported by a top-notch infrastructure with cutting-edge technology that enables us to produce and store the preferred product assembly without difficulty. We have a staff of seasoned individuals that are experts in their professions and work hard to comprehend and fulfil to manage the string of activities.

Salient Features :-

  • Fully automatic, system with contnuous operation cycle mechanism for efficient packing
  • Automatic synchronised starwheel system sets harmony with blister formation and ensures smooth feeding.
  • A comparatively lenthy 'guide track' for rigid inspection for missing blisters, if any.
  • Crease proof sealing pattern to eliminate capillary formation of foil on sealing.
  • contact heating system with pneumatic actuation allows blister forming with even heating and save wastage of PVC after every stoppage.
  • Specially designed ergonomic and aesthetic partially electronic control panel board protects electrical operational components.
PVC Base Film Max width 212 mm
Thickness 0.35 to 0.45 mm
Max Reel dia 440 mm
Aluminum foil Max width 404 mm
Thickness 0.02 to 0.03 mm
Max Roll dia 210 mm
Forming Area Minimum 109 x 140 mm
Pack Length(max) 200 mm
Pack Width(max) 150 mm
Forming Depth 27 mm


Output :-

  • Strokes per minute(maximum) :40 - 50 strokes
  • (Size and No. of packs depend on selection of change parts,products to be packed and operaters skills)

Power Requirement :-

  • (415v ,3 phase,50Hz.,A.C.Electric supply if difrent please specify voltage req)

Dimension in mm:-

  • L x B x H 3020x680x2084

Packagable Products :-

  • Glass ampouies up to 10ml.and Glass/plastic vials upto 10ml.Droppers,Syringes,Cannulas etc.,can be packed with manual feeding.

Packagable Materials


  • Opaque, transparent or coloured thermoformable and non-toxic PVC.


  • : inium foil with heat -sealed lacquer or Glassine paper foil.
  • : Optinal Facilities (available on prior intimation)
    • In - line scoring unit for dispersing of blisters into twos.
    • Thermoforming of manufacturer's/product's name
    • Printing registration of control system
    • Combination packing facility.

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