Salient Features:

  • Fully automatic, high-speed system with continuous operation cycle mechanism for efficient packing.
  • Fully automatic tablet feeding unit with photo level control and controlled vibrator.
  • A comparatively lengthy “Guide Track” for rigid inspection for missing fillings, if any.
  • Contact heating system with pneumatic actuation allows blister forming with even heating and save wastage of PVC after every stoppage.
  • Universal type chain driven batch printing unit. Excellent, efficient,and talented
  • Adaptable to change parts of other machines of similar design.

Packagable Products:

  • Tablets, Drugee, Hard / Soft Gelatin Capsules, Any Similar product of 12 mm (Cavity Depth), 110 mm (Length) and 25 mm (Width)

Packaging Material:

1)Base Film :

  • Opaque, Transparent or colored thermo formable and non-toxic PVC, PVC with PVDC coating, PVC with PE/PVDC, ACLAR.

2) Lidding Material:

  • Aluminum (Hard) with Heat-Sealed lacquer or PVDC Coating & Child Resistance Type (Al-Al OR Al-Paper)

3) Operational Facilities ( Available On Prior Intimation )

  • In-Line Scoring Unit For Dispersing of Blister into Twos
  • Thermoforming of Manufacturer’s / Product’s Name
  • Printing Registration Control System ( P.R.C)
  • Multi Product Packing Facility
  • Injectable Packing Facility

4) Necessary Equipment:

  • A 5Hp Air Compressor of 200 Liters Air Tank with a minimum Pressure of 120 Lbs/8 Kg (at par with Ingersoll – Rand IR –242 Air Compressor).
  • A Water Chiller of 80 Liters Per Hour Capacity with a Temperature drop of 17. C.
  • Any Suitable Equipment to maintain the Ambient Temperature of Working Environment Between 18.C to 22.C.

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