One of the top blister packing machine producers in India, VMS Pharma, offers a full line of single track and double track Alu Alu blistering packaging machines. These devices are used to package tablets and capsules in blisters.

Various modular stations are installed in a balcony design on the basic machine body, which is built of a mild steel chassis with frames that are welded and bolted from a rigid frame device structure. The machine's inside and exterior house all of the driving components and complex wiring, and the numerous stations are controlled by a centrally positioned spline shaft that is powered by the main motor. The machine's indexing and feeding systems are both operated by two servo motors. For the Alu Alu Blister packaging machine, the Product Transfer Roller (PTR) precisely performs the feeding.

Salient Features:

  • No Micro Stops
  • Machinicals Drive With Cam Profile
  • Servo Indexing
  • Easy Operation And Setting
  • User Friendly And Economic
  • Easy To Chang Over
  • Sepatate Station, Punching, Perforation Sealing
  • PRC,NFD Provision Optional


  • Packing Speed : Calibrated Speed of 30 Strokes I Minute in 240 mm Format Area Machine
  • Web Indexing : Servo Based System
  • Feeding : Dropping System with Pneumatic Technology
  • Man Machine Interface : Ergonomically and User Friendly Touch Screen Operation
  • Scrap Handling : Scrap Winder

Technical Specification :

Base Foil Width Aluminum 210 mm
Base Foil Thickness 0:13 mm
Bsae Foil Reel Diameter 440 mm (Max.)
Sealing Foil Width Aluminum 240 mm
Sealing Foil Thickness 0.025 mm
Sealing Foil Reel Diameter 210 mm (Max.)
Max. Packet Forming Area 230x150 mm
Max. Forming Depth 10mm
Output                        40 Strokes I Minute
Approximate Weight of Machine 2500 kg.
Machine Length x Width x Height 3700 x 1100 x 2100 mm
Power Requirement 3 Phase, 15 KW, 50 Hz, 4 Wire
Chilled Water Requirement 300 Liters of Chilled Water I Hour at 16° C Temperature
Additional Safety Air Dryer, Voltage Stabilizer
Compressed Air Requirement Dry Air with 6 Bar continuous Pressure
(3 H P Compressor Req.)

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